15 main advantages of using automated testing tools

August 25, 2017 By 2 Comments

Do you follow the trends? If you are an IT person and want to move with the trends then your answer will be a definite yes! Same is the story when it comes to automated software testing or automating your web and mobile apps.

Why automated software testing

The trends of automated software testing have hit the market with a bang and according to a research around 40% of organizations have implemented these strategies for testing their software. More than 30% organizations are planning to implement it this year.

The reason for this tilt towards the trend of automation is due to the fact that every organization wants to pioneer the technology and also wants to lead the industry.


Although there are various advantages explained by the experts of the industry but here we are going to discuss only 15 of them to give you an idea of how important automated software (web and mobile) testing has become.

1.   Time saving

While going for any testing especially the regression testing, a lot of testers have complained about length of time taken to write long test scripts. Long hours of experts are being served in this process and this usually makes a delayed delivery of an application that is totally bug free. From business point of view delayed delivery isn’t good at all.

2. Quality check

Want to cross check all the test results from the start after manual testing? Automated testing process is the solution as it proves to be a guarantee and also helps to improve the quality of the manual testing scripts.

3.  Bug detection

While using automated software testing tools for testing software, bugs can be found easily. This not only saves time on the SDLC (system development life cycle) but also gives the developers a sense of security.

4.  24/7 tests

Suppose that you have an important engagement somewhere and the boss is strict on you that you have to finish it by the morning. You can schedule it for the night or any other time and be on time with your engagement. In the morning when you reach the office, the test results will be ready and in front of you.

5.  Reuse

Once the test scripts are ready while using the test automation tools, they aren’t used only once in fact they can be saved and re used in the future if the requirement arises. So, for regression testing they can be used as many times as wanted.

6. Distributed testing feature

Automated testing has the option of a distributed testing feature. Your best scripts can be executed on number of computers on one server or a network at the same time. So, the need of more tools doesn’t arise as only one tool is all you need which is the automated testing tool.

7. Visualized and easy reporting

One benefit of automated testing tools is that you can track each test script. Also, every executed test script can easily be visualized in the visual logs. The reports clearly show that how much test scripts have been executed, scheduled, bug reports and how they were fixed.

8. Testing on various platforms

Automated testing tools have the ability to test web apps on almost all browsers through browser testing automation. Talking about mobile app testing, they can also be tested on a number of devices. When tested manually this can be very difficult and almost impossible.

9. Ever improved test coverage

When conducting manual testing, testing becomes extremely difficult because sometimes there are thousand lines of code. So writing and testing them becomes very hard. Automated procedure also ensures that the database, UI and web services all perform according to the needs. The test coverage is improved on a whole.

10. Less manpower

This is understandable that while going for the automation, less manual work is done and less effort is required. This automatically reduces the number of personal attached to a project and so they can be utilized in other testing projects or directed to other operations.

11. Improved skill set

As mentioned above when the manpower is directed to a number of diverse testing projects then the team learns new skills while indulged in new challenges and when it faces different kinds of bugs.

12. Error free

Talking about the writing of old manual script can be boring and also time consuming. A tester having to prepare and go through the same mundane script again and again is bound to make mistakes. So automated testing not only becomes error free but also becomes a time saving factor.

13. Better in stress times

There are some pressure cooker situations where the delivery of project on the deadline makes it tense and here 100% accurate results may not appear with manual testing. Automated software testing has proved itself in the crunch times.

14. Return on investment

Of all the advantages described above one of the most important of them all is the ROI benefit. When planning is being done by any company on how investment can be done on automated systems, the first thing they have in their mind is how it is going to become more advantageous for them in term of ROI.

15. Last but not the least

The things that make manual testing more expensive then automated testing are the time consumed, efforts put in by QA managers, manual or extra hours etc. But on the other hand if the company has invested in automated tools then the tasks will be performed speedily, easily, efficiently, more accurately and most importantly a bug free application will be delivered on the time.