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5 Amazing Educational IT Solutions you must need to Know

October 24, 2017 By 1 Comment

Nobody can contradict the fact that how IT solution in every field of life is growing on higher rate. IT education and its solutions providing has change the lifestyle completely in 21st century. Todays every educational sector want an IT solution for their organization to handle the whole things with latest technology to benefits their students and teachers.

Technology change the ways student and teacher communicate and live their life. Everything from board to smart phones and education portal transformed education system for both students and teachers in a new way.

Today I am going to discuss about the five amazing and unforgettable IT solutions in the field of education. I am going to write on these IT Education solution after a complete research and now to share my experience with you.

1. Online Classes

Online classes has make the life very easy for both students and teacher. If you want to learn from one of the talented person anywhere in the world you can pay for their online classes fee and get to start learning from home without any transport or other expenses etc. Online classes save student time which he/she use in some other learning purposes.
Distant learning websites like Harvard and University of Oxford has helped students to create an entirely new education platform. The distant learning university also offering online classes for student who want to learn from the expert of their choice.

2. Online Education Portal

Many of the online education portal are available nowadays, where you meet the needs of all fields in your curriculum. Mostly people use the social media as education portal and share their ideas and problem through their post and tweets etc. YouTube also play a great role in education where you find solution to every problem in a video tutorials. Some channels of YouTube provide you a complete free video tutorial of a specific course.
Imagine the classroom extending beyond the school walls where every student can work at his or her own pace. Through assessment and data management system technologies, teacher’s monitor student’s unique needs and can customize the curriculum. Students use education portal, online classes and web-based research tools and social media to collaborate with peers around the world. Such a classroom could be the next generation classroom.

3. Education Management System

In past the education management system are in form of files, pages, registers and card. As IT education provide unbelievable solutions in every field of life, same is the case with education management system.IT education provide all the education management system in computerized form which make the life of administrator, student and teacher very easy. Two of the mostly used management system are given below.

Attendance Management System: Traditionally register use for the attendance of the students. Attendance management system has make the life very easy for teacher as it save which is spending in class attendance previously.

Learning Management System: LMS (Learning Management System) is a software application which is used for the purposes of documentations, administrations, report tracking, report making, and delivery of electronics educational technology courses, online classes and training programs.

4. Software and APPS

Students and teachers nowadays uses software and apps for communication and learning purposes. Student use twitter and Facebook for the official announcement in their schools and colleges. WhatsApp has make the communication between students and teachers very easy and simple.
Skype is very useful for video chat where student can participate in projects and teacher can lead discussion there like a classroom. By using the google calendar students easily create schedule and list of things to do and even can share schedule with others. Google calendar is also used by student and teacher as a schedule management system.

5. EBooks

Throughout history, textbooks have been a burden to students. They are heavy and quickly out-of-date. However, technology is playing a major role in this regard. The conversion of text book to eBook make it easy to access it anytime, anywhere and at any place where you wish to have your book for studies. Different education portal provide online eBooks for their register student without any cost.
Hope this article will help you in understanding the fact that how IT Education has changing the life of a student and teacher by providing flexible and quality education management system.

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