7 most dominating programming languages in 2017

August 2, 2017 By 2 Comments

Programmers are in high demand these days as they serve as the backbone of any web design or completely developed website.There isn’t any shortage of these coding languages and while searching for them in any search engine you will come across hundreds of names. But we at VirEmp provide our services in top most used coding languages.

Below are the top programming languages that we are using in 2017 and which are in high demand among the back-end developers all across the world.


Structured query language or SQL is ideal when dealing with big data. It communicates with the manipulated databases. With its types like Microsoft SQL and MySQL it is a commonly used language in the year 2017. Released in 2016 by Microsoft it helps you to interact with the back-end database. While developing any software, SQL isn’t is not used alone as it is invoked from some other programming language.


Java is known to be a simple readable programming language which is not only used by experts at VirEmp but also by millions of developers all over the globe. Mainly used for building mobile apps, video games and server-side apps. It serves the purpose of core foundation in android apps and for this specific reason experts like it. Another benefit of it the WORA function (write once, run anywhere). Due to the WORA function it is run across multiple software programs.
The latest version of Java was released in July 2017.


Basically python is used as a general purpose language which emphasizes on two functions, one is the readability and other is the enhanced developer productivity. It is used for web apps, data analysis and desktop apps. Among all the programming languages Python is referred to as the easiest one to learn and also its syntax is simple. The reason for its popularity is that Google is investing in it. In 2016 the beta version 2.0 of the Cognitive Toolkit open source deep-learning framework was launched by Microsoft, which is now python supported.
Top apps like Instagram and Pinterest are built using python.


Sometimes confused with Java but it is totally different and is known for is compatibility on all browsers. Known as the most popular language on Stack Overflow. JavaScript is also used in more than 90 percent of the web pages. The reason for its success is that it is used everywhere and allows the programmers to add interactive elements on the website. It allows the offline first functionality of web pages through the compatibility and adoption of it.


C++ is was built on C which is one of the earliest programming languages. Known as one of the powerful and high performance language C++ is mostly used in building games engines, system software, web and desktop images. A number of learners may find it difficult as compared to other dynamic programming languages like JavaScript and Python but our experts at VirEmp use it expertly as they use other languages.


Pronounced as C sharp, this language saw a bit of popularity in late 2016 and start 2017 but still it lags behind C++. Talking from syntax point of view C sharp or C# is quite similar to Java. It is also used in the developing of Microsoft apps. The initial purpose of developing this language building Microsoft’s .NET software framework but now this is also used on non-window devices after the releasing of .NET Core open-source development platform in mid-2016.


PHP stands of Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server side programming-language which is used in the development of the majority of websites currently. Some of the top names that are based on PHP are Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr and WordPress. When paired with JavaScript and SQL it forms a perfect blend and showcases its usefulness for developers.
Another benefit of PHP is that it is an open source language so it presents lots of pre-built modules that can be used after modification to best suit your needs. PHP is easy to learn.