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People sometimes wonder what is cloud computing and what benefits it possesses for businesses and organizations. Well let’s just answer the first one in a simplified way, computing which is based on the internet is known as cloud computing. One main benefit of cloud computing is that companies have the access to all apps directly from the internet. Now there isn’t any need to first download apps and programs on the server of the building or the computer.

Updating a status on Facebook or checking your bank balance through your smartphone, you are doing activities like these on the cloud. The answer to the second part of the question is a lengthy one which needs to be explained a bit more. Cloud computing is a lot more than just money and time saving mechanism. It has unlimited storage and can be accessed easily from anywhere.

1) Advantages of cloud

Below are some of the reasons and advantages why businesses whether they are large or small and also government institutions are turning their attention to this revolutionary step.

2) It’s flexible

Those businesses which have different bandwidth demands and these demands fluctuate with time, it is ideal for them to turn their attention to cloud based services. For instance, the bandwidth demand increases then cloud capacity can easily be enhanced. On the other hand, if your needs have dropped down then again you can scale the cloud down to your requirement.

3) Anytime anywhere access

Any document that you need can be accessed with ease from anywhere and that too anytime. No limitations if the data is stored in cloud. No whichever part of the world you are you don’t need to carry the USBs or your personal laptops etc. if it is in the cloud you can do it easily from any device and any internet connection without having to worry about anything.

4) Security

Laptops and tablets can be lost anytime, it’s a big loss but what’s bigger business problem than this is the losing of important and sensitive data that is stored inside them. Now theft or losing of data isn’t a problem when you store all your important data on the cloud. It can be accessed from any machine from the cloud and also the lost data can be swept from the lost laptops and tablets etc.

5) Economical option

Lot of organizations spend millions of dollars every year by updating the systems, distributing and making physical copies of the documents, buying photocopiers and printers etc. moreover sometimes a print man is also hired which can be a burden on the company. With cloud computing and data storage on the cloud all these expenses can be saved.

6) Easy collaboration

It allows multiple people and teams to access, edit, share and go through a data or file simultaneously. All this can be done from anywhere and anytime without any limitations. Also, file sharing apps that are based on cloud help the concerned ones to updates the data and also all the collaborations are made visible.

7) Auto updating

Another great feature of cloud is that it’s software and security is regularly updated by the suppliers whenever the need arises. As the cloud’s servers are not visible and are out of sight so it’s all done by the service providers without disturbing the clients. So, no time and effort is wasted when it comes to the maintenance of the system.

8) Productivity maintained

As it allows a number of people to collaborate and emphasize on one single document or piece of information, this allows the saving of time that is spent on updating, filling and printing the documents. In short it saves people from inserting double efforts and the productivity isn’t disturbed.

9) Environment friendly

Cloud computing is not only beneficial for businesses and organization but it is also extremely friendly to our environment. Usage of paper, toner, ink, electricity is reduced and also some space in the office will also be cleared up if there aren’t any copy machines. Less usage of energy and paper makes cloud computing extremely beneficial for the environment.



Percentage of success

Below are some of the numbers and percentage that advocate the usage of cloud in business and what positive impact cloud has on a business.

    •  Operational costs were reduced to 18.45% on an average
    •  The growth of the company or any organization increased to a percentage of 21. 17%
    •  The IT costs were lessened at about 15.07%
    •  The process of efficiency was enhanced at about 19.50%
    •  IIY maintenance costs were reduced to 17.69%


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