Project detail

Right parking is considered to be an extremely important task of our daily lives especially in the developed countries. There are always a number of designated parking slots in the commercial areas of big cities and parking cars there is considered to be mandatory. But parking your car in any of these parking slots can turn out to be tricky if you aren’t aware of the whereabouts and also if you are new to the area.

A lot of citizens in the developed countries face problems these kinds. Keeping this thing in mind we have come up with a mobile application named as Get2car. This app is specially designed to assist people who aren’t sure in which parking slot they have parked their car or if they are unaware of the paths and have reached a point where they don’t have any idea on how they can get back to their car.
By using this simple app people can get to their car quickly without any worries. All they have to do is to open the app and tap on the Park Now option on the bottom of the screen. The app will save the location of the car through google maps and now they are free to go anywhere. After sometime if they feel like being lost or can’t get back to the location where they parked their car, they can find their car easily through the app.

For this they will have to tap on the Find Now option and the application will direct them towards where the car is parked by using the google maps. They don’t need to be worried about the stolen car and also if they are lost somewhere. Also, Get2car mobile application allows people to find parking, restaurants, hospitals, pharmacy, gas stations and mosques in any area.They can find these facilities in a blink of an eye by selecting the radius in which they want these facilities.