There are heaps of apps targeted only for small children in the app stores but have you ever noticed their graphics and animations. Frankly speaking a majority of these kid’s apps aren’t graphically ideal for the kid’s sensitive eyes. Also, the animations aren’t intended towards the young viewership.

Kids oasis is an app developed by VirEmp Technologies International Pvt. Ltd. and is made specifically for your young ones by keeping in view their needs of first few years. Simply saying it’s a learning app for toddlers that is rich with animations and graphics that are child friendly and don’t have any negative effect on their eyesight.

Kids oasis is an extremely easy to use app that allows your juniors to get hands on colorful alphabets and counting in a really attractive way. The parents just need to install this child friendly app on their smartphone or tab and the rest can be done by the children themselves. They can operate and learn alphabets and counting in fun way.

Another main advantage of this app is that it keeps the children engaged by its animations like the monkey’s passing or the lion running in front of them on the screen. They are given two options at the start, one is the alphabetic learning and the other takes them to the counting section. Once they tap on the alphabets, A-Z characters will be shown on the screen.

By taping on any alphabet they will hear the sound of the letter and will be headed to the words that start with that specific word, like by clicking on A they will be shown three words that start by A like apple, ant and arrow. These three words will be played in front of them in a clear sound with the picture of the thing that will allow them to identify the thing and memorize its name in an easy way.

When it comes to counting, they will have to tap on the numericals. In this part of the application children will be made to learn counting in an interactive way. Not only the numbers will appear in front of them but also the image with the quantity of anything will be there to support the number. This way their learning process can be more productive and long lasting.