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Life at VirEmp

Every organization wants its employees to deliver their best. What makes employees to work better? Respect, happiness, peace of mind, better incentives, pleasant and serene environment, cooperative colleagues and encouraging bosses etc.

We at Viremp have got everything covered. We believe that happy and satisfied minds are the most productive ones. Our main focus is to create an environment where people are at their best as employees are the most valuable assets considered by us.
Richard Branson a well-known businessman from England emphasizes that

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees they will take care of your clients”

And we at Viremp are working on the same principle.

Encouraging leadership

Every idea is given a proper hearing and thinking out of the box is extremely encouraged at Viremp. Creativity and performance never goes to a waste here.
Think out of the box, perform well and increase your financial rewards.
“Amjad Chauhan” CEO and founder of VirEmp
Our employees are important to us and we try to give them every possible facility.

Here is what we have got for our employees as consider our employees our biggest assets.

Here is what we offer to our employees

The biggest benefit for employees is that they work only 4 days a week and 9 hours a day. The reason behind this is that the employees spend quality time with family and socialise and the remaining four days of the week they come well prepared, fresh and do their work passionately.
Other benefits are

    • Gym to relax
    • Medical facilities
    • Relaxation room with entertaining games and movies
    • Bi-annual trips to tourist spots and destinations
    • Sports area to unwind
    • Gathering sessions for employees to get together
    • In-house mess to be setup soon