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Vehicle Management System

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    • Fully Responsive & User friendly UI design with admin panel
    • Easy Installation with 3 Simple Steps
    • Multi Lingual* with Unicode Support
    • SMS Alerts for Bookings
    • SMS templates are Editable – send your own customized SMS
    • Email Alerts for Bookings
    • Email templates are Editable – send your own customized Emails
    • Day and Night Cost Settings
    • Google Map Distance Calculation
    • Package Management
    • Multiple payment options like PayPal, PayU, Stripe Payment Integrated OR Cash
    • Social Logins (Facebook, Google plus)
    • Coupons Management
    • Tax Management Module
    • Package Management
    • Best suite of any kind of Vehicle
    • Distance type KM/Miles selection
    • User Management
    • Currency Selection
    • Manage Fleets
    • Fleet Statistics
    • Create Unlimited Pages
    • Reports

Fleet Management System

General Features of Admin

  • Bookings,Vehicles, Locations,Users Management
  • Master Settings (Site,Email,SMS,Payment Gateways,Testimonials,etc..)
  • Coupons Management
  • Create Unlimited Pages
  • Reports

General Features of Executive

  • Bookings Management

General Features of Customer

  • Register through web or social logins
  • Book a Cab, Cancel Booking,View Bookings history

Vehicle Booking System – Admin Modules

Bookings Module

Admin Can Manage Bookings, he can view all bookings, today bookings, bookings during specific period, and all the booking details.Admin can done booking on behalf of customer.Admin can confirm/cancel/delete a booking, Email and SMS notifications when Booking done,Booking status changed or Cancelled or Deleted etc.

Notifications for unread/new Bookings

You will be notifying for the new bookings, or unread bookings at admin dashboard, so that you cannot miss any booking.

Vehicles Module

Admin can manage all the vehicles here, we can list the vehicle by name, category, cost type. There are robust features while adding vehicles vehicle model,passengers capacity,large luggage capacity, small luggage capacity,Images,flat or incremental cost type settings,vehicle features etc..

Day/Night cost settings for each individual vehicle

Want to set cost for day and night bookings? Yes, you can do that simply in vehicle Cost settings.

Vehicle Categories

This module lists the categories, that can add categories for vehicles.

Vehicle Features

This module lists the different features of vehicles, that can add features for vehicles.


Admin can add multiple locations or airports,which are available for P2P booking.


Admin can view all customers, create a customer,block or unblock a customer.Admin can view all executives, create an executive, block or unblock an executive.

Settings Module

Settings is one more awesome module, where admin can set General things, Contact Details, Currency, Payment gateways, Tax, Additional charges, Default Language,Distance Type (Km/Miles),Day & Night timings,Driver Charges for Night,Date format,Google API Key,Email and SMS Settings,Email Templates,SMS Templates,PayPal,Stripe,payU Settings, Package Settings, Waiting time settings,Social Networks,SEO Settings,etc..

Coupons Module

Admin can manage coupons, while creating / editing coupons admin can send SMS notification to customers. Customers can utilize coupons at the time of bookings.

Dynamic Pages

Admin can create unlimited number of pages and add content, which reflects in front end.


Admin can create FAQs


Admin can view over all bookings vehicles wise.Admin can view all payments

Vehicle Booking System – Executive Modules

Add Bookings

Executive easily add booking from his separated dashboard, more users , less work

Bookings can be handled by just one click (Confirmation/Cancellation)

Yes, executive can either cancel or approve the booking.

Current day bookings

Executive easily check the current day bookings list, so the he can manage his vehicles.

Search bookings

Now search your bookings from list of all bookings

Overall bookings

Check overall bookings at single time.

Notifications for unread/new bookings

Executive easily able to check the notifications of bookings right on his dashboard

Vehicle Booking System – User Modules

User friendly Interface

Carefully crafted the design , that’s what concentrate on work only.

Simple registration, login process.

Users registration is simple and reliable, social logins

3 step booking process

Simple booking process in 3 steps to avoid boring and traditional booking processes

Google map locations

On type letter of location, all locations will fetch by Google, it?s so pretty simple and nice.

Route map, distance and cost calculations for given source and destination

User will able to see the route on the map, which connects the source and destinations

Waiting time option for return journey

User can select the waiting time while booking, makes simple for admin to understand before the vehicle dispatch.

Bookings History

User can able to see his booking history, so that he will feel good.

Email and SMS support for booking status

Email alert and SMS alert will send by admin on approval of booking, or status

Profile settings

User easily manages his profile without any hassle

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