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How to spring life in your homepage? 5 effective ways

Every year comes up with new ways and trends in all the sectors and fields of life and IT sector isn’t different at all. In fact it evolves continuously and if you are updated with the new changes and trends then surely you are going to lead the way in this ever competitive market.

Let’s just talk specifically about a website and why it needs to be updated for a newer and fresh content and design. Suppose you came up with a website 3-4 years ago considering all the latest trends at that time but times have changed and so does the trends. By not updating and refreshing your site you may readily be lagging behind your competitors who have taken into consideration all the changes.
If you feel yourself in such a situation, definitely you are not the only one as there are a lot of others who face the same problems due to ever evolving technology and trends. If your website feels like old fashioned one then below are some of the solutions that you need to consider for polishing your design and making it attractive for your visitors especially the Home page.

Home page:-

Here is how you can improve your Home page
Remember that Homepage is like an enticing entry to your house and people would definitely want to walk through the entry and see for themselves what’s going on inside. It’s your job to make it attractive and make it representative of the whole house and portions inside otherwise the visitors may not even try to sneak peek into the house for more details.

  •  A clutter-free design:-

Homepage is your first chance to make a great first impression. This doesn’t always mean that it should be over loaded with graphics, content and too with too much clutter. It should be simple but decent and doesn’t confuse people with its complications.
The main bounce factor from the homepage is that it is cluttered, tacky and overly done. If it was designed like this previously, change it to a more decent and pleasing to the eye. Your first impression can only be created if you design it keeping in mind the likeness of the visitors and a clean design that doesn’t have too much stuffed in.
Make sure that you put yourself in place of the visitors while designing the homepage. This feel will help you figure out what kind of look you want to give to your visitors when they visits your homepage. Make it clear in your mind how would you present the homepage to others. They need to be entertained as well as it should be attractive and people on it should be willing to see more inside. Make it pleasant.

  • Navigation bar:-

Talking about navigation bar, it shouldn’t be over crowded. Homepage isn’t there to display each and every specialty of yours. If the navigation is necessary then go for it otherwise make sure the homepage is a precise one with main specialties mentioned or displayed on it. Another important thing on the homepage is the third party advertising. Only allow those ads that pay well and are hard refuse and also make sure that the ads are relevant to the audience which you are addressing.

  • Logo and an effective tagline:-

Two of the most important factors present on the homepage are logo and the tagline. Make sure that are different and also make their presence felt. Try to be different and creative with your tagline and logo but make sure they aren’t mixed with graphics and content. A tagline is a slogan or few words that tell you audience what you are all about or what services do you offer. A main rule for logo and tagline is that the logo needs to be different and simple and same kind of rules need to be kept in mind for the tag line. All successful and unforgettable taglines are short creative.
They may not fully describe your activities but they sometimes reflect your thoughts, intentions and what can do. Keep them simple and clever. Ideal logos and taglines stay for years.

  • User friendly navigation:-

Ideally you want the visitor of the site to take some action. Most of the times this is the driving force behind a specific design of the homepage. For this specific reason the design should be such that clearly allows the visitors to find what they are looking for and what you want them to find in not time.
You may also want the visitor to subscribe to your regular newsletter through email, want him to download your files, hire you or consult your services, follow you on social media and also go through your hard researched and well-crafted content etc. Imagine yourself as the reader or visitor and see whether the information that you are looking for is available or not. Can you easily find the “contact us” link or not. Also is there any search bar or quick links to navigate the important stuff.

  • Layout of the page:-

Suppose that you run a store with physical products, obviously then it will have a front as well. You display your best products in the front and same is the case with a website design that you want its homepage above than ordinary and great when it comes to display and showcasing what you got for the visitors.
On the other hand if you are looking to get people on your list then you will definitely feature the blog on the homepage. A sidebar for this purpose would be ideal or if you have better plans or specific designing then you can go your way. These following items would also be needed on the side bar.

 * Form for sign-up:-

A lot of designers while designing hide the subscription form and complaint about fewer subscribers. Make sure that everything is easy and visible for the visitors and they don’t have to look out for the sign-up form. Two best places that experts suggest for placing the icon for sign-up forms is top right on the sidebar or place it above the main navigation bar.

* Social media accounts:-

Why would you hide these? There isn’t any reason for it. Make sure more and more people become you social media followers on daily if not hourly basis. This allows them to connect to you easily and also bond with other subscribers that are following you. Build trust and through social media icons so place them where they can be accesses easily.

* Subscriber incentives:-

Make sure to give new and old subscribers access to information through e-bools and reports that cannot be denied or refused due to the content they contain. Also take care of their interests as different old groups will have different interests and likes.

* Distribution and sprinkling of credibility building elements:-

Always make sure that you use your credibility building elements in testimonials, press releases and other places where they can be used wisely and also increase your productivity and exposure. Things like logos, tagline, social media links, subscription forms and contact links can be used in all the website not just the homepage. It reminds the user of what platform they are on and also increases the productivity and changes the end result.

Written by viremp