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How to spring life in the important pages of your website?

July 26, 2017 By 12 Comments

How to spring life in the important pages of your website?

In the first part we discussed How to spring life in your homepage and in this article we are going to discuss how you can spring life in some of the other important pages of your website like ‘about us’, ‘contact us’ and ‘services’ and blog page etc.

Let’s start from the About page

About page:-

The most visited page on any website after the home page is About page. Its shelf life is also the longest amongst other pages. No one will ever want people to bounce off this page or dislike it due to any reason so it’s good to have a look at some professional sites for inspiration and plan it accordingly. About us page represents the whole team, organization or the business and you don’t want to take it lightly.
Here is what you can do to make a great about us page.

* Team picture

Don’t forget to post a great photo of the team and then give them an idea what you got for them or what can you do for them. Visitors must know why they are on your site and what makes you different among all. Brief them about your current and previous track record and what have you achieved for others in the domain.

* Tell them what you got

Give them a solution, a way out and why you are important and they need you in this situation tell them about your capabilities. What are motives behind this specific business or service? Moreover let people share their opinions, worries and problems and also show them why they should choose you over others in this tight market.

* Engage them

Be easy with what you write and avoid the usage of third person voice. Don’t be boring by using dull language, they might not find it interesting and leave. Make it engaging for them but don’t use jargon.
In the content written on the ‘About us’ page you are going to determine the style you for the blog. It can be serious, inspirational or positive one, funky or any tone that you like or that suits the business. The tone of the About us page lets you set the tone and expectations of your content.

Content page:-

A contact page mainly known as the ‘Contact us’ page is a must in any website as it allows the visitors and potential customers to get in touch with you and communicate directly. Below are some of the points that you need to consider to make a great contact us page.
Make sure that people have easy access to all the details through which they can contact you. It shouldn’t be hidden or difficult to find.
Make sure you give them more than one way to contact you like phone number or UAN, connect with you directly on social media, live chat service and most importantly one or two email addresses because forms are submitted through emails and also it is one of the most trusted ways to communicate.
Also the contact page is normally loaded with simple contact forms or more detailed ones for the people to request a quote related to different projects and needs. It must also be made sure that the customer who have sent in the quote must be sent a confirmation message or email for thanking them and also letting them know about the action being taken on the other side.

Content—-is the king:-

You must have heard that content is the king so better start spending sometime on the king and make some space for it on the site. You definitely need to publish some quality content in shape of blog, articles or info as it will not only build the authority or credibility of the site but will also help the site rank higher in search engines and especially Google. It helps you to build external and internal links, allows the people to stay on your website and also if your info is credible or content is quality based then they start sharing it, which gives value to your content and site.
Below are some of the necessities that need to be kept in mind while creating content for different pages on the site.

*Figure out your audience and design content by keeping them in mind. Traffic on the site and its ranking is definitely going to rise if the content is written by keeping the targeted audience in mind.

*A continuous posting schedule must be kept and should be followed whether on-page or off-page. New platforms must be searched to showcase the content about the site and team’s abilities.

*Showcase your best content and informative pieces on the side bar and impress the new and potential clients.

*Think and spend time to get a great title or headline. A great headline is like a well decorated and well-lit store front that lures people to enter the store. It should also make the audience curious about what’s inside and how can it benefit them.

*Every post must have an enticing beginning that attracts the readers towards themselves and not boring so that they don’t reach the core of the content. An irresistible beginning of the article is definitely going to give you rewards.

*The test must be attractive and should be distributed in well balanced paragraphs. Headings and subheadings must be focused on which should be assisted with bullets and numberings. Remember to make it eye catching it must be there shouldn’t be large slabs or blocks of text.

*Link your articles with your previously done work. Each article must have at least one or two links to related articles and content that gives readers more information and allows them to stay on your site while benefiting from the content.

*Make it easy for the readers to share your well researched content with others. For this very purpose your social media buttons must be visible and displayed close to the article in the blog page or any other page.

*Guest posting must be made easy and requirements must be clearly stated to attract quality guest posts.


Services page:-

Services pages are just like shops and display stores that tell people what have you got and how you can be handy for them. These pages directly sell a product or a service and showcase the abilities of the website owners. Pages that showcase the services or products must be designed in a way that they have entice the buyer into buying them.
Services page must also have a buy button or any method that allows them to contact the providers for a quote, service, product, consultation or any other queries that are related to the things on display. Most of the sites come up with ‘hire me’, ‘our services’ or options like ‘quick buy’ buttons.
Come up with clear instructions and headline in this page and also a call to action button to make it more productive and beneficial for you. The prices, features, guarantees, instructions and other things related to the services are mostly stated on the page but the price listing is also optional as you may want to list it or not, it’s totally up to you.

12 Comments on "How to spring life in the important pages of your website?"

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