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Web Application Development

Through the years VirEmp has perfected in the art of providing efficient, reliable and cost effective services to its clients all over the world and web app. development is one of the service in which we have made a name for ourselves. Our dedicated and experienced developers have completed a number of projects in different industries like e-commerce, e-learning, entertainment, education, flight booking apps, web portals and many more.

Our developing staff is specialised in creating dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provides functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.

Our other specialities include:-

PHP web development:-
We provide our expertise in CMS customization and enhancement, real time communication, ecommerce facilities, payment gateway integration and also social functionality.
Java web development:-
We provide web development solutions based on Java that include voice over internet protocol or VoIP, ad inventory management, customer loyalty platforms and other retention programs etc.


.Net web development:-
Other services that we offer in the domain of .Net web development include financial data management and analytics solution, electronic medical record-keeping, enterprise content management software and also deal in seamless CRM integration.
JavaScript and HTML5:-
At VirEmp technologies international we also provide our expertise in providing great visual effects, data visualization, innovative frameworks and libraries based on Java, mobile first designs and also provide web designs that are responsive.


Other benefits of choosing us:-

We avoid frustrating points:-
We provide custom development facilities that help in avoiding those points that become frustrating for the end users and force them to leave the site. Our custom development also enables a simplified approach.
Out of the box idea:-
Do you have a different thinking or want something different? We are here to turn your idea and into reality. We have come up with things that no one has ever tried before. We also provide our services that range from monitoring the inventory levels of a retail business to handling and viewing portals that allow technical information and assistance to surgeons etc.