WooCommerce VS Prestashop! Which is the best?

August 22, 2017 By 40 Comments

Let’s start with a quote from Cushla Sherlock (Credit-Suisse) which will get us going with our topic

The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.”

In this article we are not going to tell you what e-commerce is what how it has eased our lives. Well everyone is aware of what it is and its advantages. Here we are going to talk and compare two of the leading names in e-commerce Woo Commerce and PrestaShop.

Let’s just begin by telling you that Woo commerce is the best e-commerce plugin and Prestashop is a software and best e-commerce platform currently in the world.

Founded in 2007 Prestashop is ecommerce software but on the other hand WordPress is a Content Management System. TheWooCommerce plugin is very powerful and when this plugin is added to a WordPress site it means that you have turned your site into an extremely good e-commerce site.

The combination of Woocommerce and WordPress is offering so much to the online businesses that it becomes hard to ignore it.

Let’s now just go in detail of these two

WordPress and its flexibility:-

The flexibility of WordPress is what makes it famous. This is not all about Woo Commerce VS PrestaShop but WordPress is also involved here and what it offers to all. WordPress has to offer all the different components that are needed for an E-commerce site. All these may not be available with other platforms like Prestashop.
For example, you will definitely require a SEO plugin. WordPress will allow you to install it that too free of cost. If you want to add social media sales and shares, work on it, do email marketing, live chat, customer reviews, affiliate marketing and things like promo code plugin, WordPress will allow you to do all these things. With the passage of the time you may also want to explore other options and go through some of the other ways of building your site.
Hundreds and thousands of free plugins and extensions make WordPress and Woocommerce hard to replace.

Themes and designing:-

Talking about themes, WordPress has loads of it for every site in free and premium categories. Also, the WordPress developers that can help you with the designs are more and easily available. From SEO point of view WordPress give s you an edge by offering SEO optimized themes. This gives an edge to the site in Google. Genesis themes for WordPress and prestthemes.com for Prestashop are mostly used.

Better for Blogging:-


We know its WordPress. It is good in almost all sections like themes and also all types of websites can be created by it. Initially it was a blogging platform and currently the best website building platform. Blogging is extremely important in e-commerce because it gives you a way to reach your visitors. blogging not only promotes the products but it also boosts the SEO and helps in generating search engine traffic.
You can name a number of e-commerce websites that are going great. The key to their success isn’t only great products and customer dealing but they emphasize on blogging and that too on a regular basis. The visitors who read their information become their customers.


It’s not that you can’t blog with Prestashop but it isn’t cut for this specific purpose. There are some peculiar things on WordPress that help to make things better when blogging may not be there in Prestashop. For this purpose you need to buy a blog module. This blog module costs around $110. But Prestashop gives you two options here, one is that you buy their blog module and the second is to start blogging on some other module.
Now why would anybody do it? WordPress allows you much more and also you can do more things at one place.


Well both these platforms are free of cost. So how can we find which is more cost effective than the other one. For this, other things that must be added that play a part in making a successful site. Firstly, you may choose HostGator, SiteGround hosting or whichever hosting service you want. Let’s suppose you take SiteGround because its ratio of customer satisfaction is higher than all and it costs around four dollars per month.
Although Prestashop claims to be absolutely free but it isn’t the case as they have to make money from somewhere. So, they earn by selling modules and services in high prices. Those things that you might find free on WordPress can be bought by paying heavily on Prestashop. Things that are going to cost you around $45 in Prestashop include Canonical URL, Google Rich Snippets,A Facebook like box, Popup Promo and a SEO module. You will have to pay around $210 on an interlinking module.
There will be some other things that you might need in the future. Also you will need to have a number of plugins which may cost you on Prestashop. But WordPress gives over 30,000 plugins free of cost. So what have you decided now?

SEO friendly:-

In the field of SEO WordPress again takes the lead. If someone says that WordPress sites don’t rank better than Prestashop then either they aren’t enough aware or they might be lucky. You will notice that a large number of leading sites in every sector are powered by WordPress and a large percentage of web world is benefiting from WordPress SEO plugins.

A lot of E-commerce sites are using Yoast plugin. Not only e-commerce but a number of other sites are also using it.

Ideal for newbies:-

We know WordPress has been here for decades now and most people in the industry let it be site designers, owners or bloggers prefer it because either they have worked on it or either it is easy to use. This ease makes it ideal for the newbies and it also provides more resources than other platform. Prestashop isn’t that old so the community of WordPress is larger than any other platform.
It doesn’t mean that Prestashop isn’t good or I am targeting it, it’s just that WordPress is an established name in the field of IT and has made a name for itself. Prestashop has a great forum but no eCommerce platform can beat the level of WordPress.

Quick setup and ease of use:-

Both the platforms are extremely easy to use and set up. The dashboards of both are quite similar. The only thing that while going for the WordPress is that you will have to install the Woo commerce plugin. This plugin will then open up a huge supply of free plugins and your life will become easier with these plugins that are free of cost. Another advantage of WordPress is the one click installation.

In this article I wasn’t the advocate of WordPress and Woo commerce and speaking against Prestashop, its just the facts and figures are going in the Woo commerce’s favor. Woo commerce allows you to make a beautiful e-commerce design having diverse functions. On the other hand Prestashop is known as the reliable platform due to its security.