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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VirEmp work?2023-03-22T08:32:58+00:00

Our hard-earned reputation for integrity and ethics means everything to us. We strive to be our clients’ most trusted business partner – helping them achieve success, generate high-value return on investment and create new opportunities through expertise, experience and competence.
With VirEmp team in partnership as your virtual employees, you can focus on expanding your business, feeling comfortable in the knowledge that IT is taking care of itself.
We are able to understand your plans for growth and translate them into an IT strategy to support your business today, and into the future.
We can definitely help you in following areas

  • Full strategic IT planning
  • Improving and enhancing existing systems Identifying new processes and procedures to support the business’ growth
  • Identifying, analyzing and eliminating problems with IT operational services quickly and efficiently
  • Managing IT programmer staff
  • Ensuring full Representation for the business on IT professional and trade bodies.
Which services do you provide regarding mobile application development?2023-03-22T08:52:24+00:00

At VirEmp, your idea can become a reality, we create mobile applications that give results to boost your business.

We believe “the services that we deliver makes us dignified“

  1. Client Centric Development: We develop exactly what you want as per your business requirements. We employ user-centered approach for maximum client satisfaction.
  2. Agile Development: We follow Agile Development process that helps us to deliver the project with utmost quality and solid product.
  3. Professional Development Team: We assign a professional team to all our projects that not only assures quality but gives excellent support and satisfaction to our valuable clients.
  4. VIP Support: We provide assistance to our clients at each phase of project. We work hard to ensure that the final product meets clients’ expectations.
  5. Data Backups: We carefully maintain clients project backups to deal with misfortunes in best possible manner. We mitigate potential security risks by following security best practices and industry standards right from the early stages of app development.
  6. Enhancement: During Discovery, Designing and Development phases, our technical team always there to provide suggestions and edits that improvise their product in best possible manner.
Which services do you provide regarding web app. development?2023-03-22T08:57:23+00:00

We are specialised in creating dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.

At VirEmp, we work as follows for web application development

  1. Roadmap Document: Defining Web Application, Purpose, Goals and Direction
  2. Researching and Defining Audience Scope and Security Documents
  3. Creating Functional Specifications or Feature Summary Document
  4. Team Collaboration and Project Management Document
  5. Technology Selection, Technical Specifications, Illustrative Diagram of Web Application Architecture and Structure, Development Methodology, Versions Control, Backups, Upgrades, Expansion and Growth Planning Document, Server Hardware / Software Selection
  6. Third Party Vendors Analysis and Selection (Merchant Account and Payment Gateway, SSL Certificate etc)
  7. Application Visual Guide, Design Layout, Interface Design, Wire Framing
  8. Database Structure Design and Web Application Development
  9. Testing: Quality Assurance, Multiple Browser Compatibility, Security, Performance – Load and Stress Testing, Usability
  10. Maintenance
Can VirEmp provide personal assistance to individuals?2023-03-22T08:58:55+00:00

VirEmp provide a range of administrative & industry specific support. Our personal assistant services help you manage all the details that support a well-run life so that you can save time with the more important things in life. Contact us to know how 24/7 VirEmp assistant services can make your life simpler. Get your personal VirEmp assistant now

Consider VirEmp for array of tailor-made personal assistance that includes

  1. Executive personal assistant
  2. Manage reservations
  3. Personal advice and motivation
  4. Reminders
Which technologies do you use at VirEmp?2023-03-22T08:59:52+00:00

We are now facing an era of great technological achievements. Everything is developing with such an accelerated speed that it is getting difficult to catch up with new trends. Our people can turn the potential of information into meaningful solutions that simplify businesses.

To provide you best of services, we use following technologies.

  1. Programming Languages (SQL, Java, JavaScript, C# , PHP)
  2. Database Development
  3. Front End Development
  4. Mobile Applications Development
  5. Web Application Development
Do you provide administrative services?2023-03-22T09:01:10+00:00

Administrative services form the backbone of the VirEmp Technologies International, We provide services for individuals, small, medium and enterprises level companies. The main purpose of our administrative service is to provide support for your technical services in order that your business may operate smoothly. The complexity of an Administrative Service depends on the number of technical services provided.

We can provide you following administrative services.

  1. Customers service, responding to email, support tickets, chat requests
  2. Data entry
  3. Data mining
  4. Managing blogs
  5. Technical support
Can VirEmp market our product in specified market?2023-03-22T09:01:59+00:00

VirEmp offers effective advertising support of your brands and developing promising markets for you. We can provide you cost effective option to promote your goods and services through proper advertising support, we provides you with a dedicated campaign manager.

Do you have office in Europe?2023-03-22T09:03:10+00:00

VirEmp is an information technology corporation headquartered in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Globally located in 8 countries across the world and offices in USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Dubai and Bahrain.

Which industries does VirEmp cover?2023-03-22T09:05:41+00:00

We can minimize your business risk, thus helping you to achieve your business goals and offering operational excellence in following industries

  1. Education
  2. Entertainment
  3. Health Care
  4. Information Technology and Telecommunication
Can VirEmp take care of our company social media?2023-03-22T09:10:23+00:00

VirEmp social media service can help your business on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc which can help you looking further to reach more customers
We believe that social media success is not set by formulas and algorithms. Our proven strategies of social media marketing to provide value that attracts, engages, and will convert your prospects into customer

Consider VirEmp for your any social media related projects that may include

  1. Profiles setup and management, complete facebook and twitter management
  2. Promotion & advertising
Which services does VirEmp provide for health care industry?2023-03-22T09:13:31+00:00

At VirEmp, we believe Health IT (health information technology) is the area of IT involving the design, development, creation, use and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry. Automated and inter-operable healthcare information systems should improve medical care, lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce error and improve patient satisfaction.

  1. Self registration window: You can do everything related to registration without having to talk to any click or hospital representative.
  2. Patients portal: As a patient, it is feasible to access your medical records and interact online with your doctors.
  3. Patient education: interactive health communication systems for patient education
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