Programming Languages



At VirEmp database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server are being used to some extent to empower businesses of all sizes and other organizations like universities, banks and hospitals etc. Almost every project needs some form of SQL for its completion and we at VirEmp normally use SQLite for the android projects.


Pronounced as C-sharp and designed by Microsoft itself, it is an object oriented programming language for networking and web development. It was developed by Microsoft for the purpose of enabling the developers to develop portable apps. It is an object oriented language that is type safe, simple and modern in use.


Java is the most widely preferred programming language due to the reason that is grounded in readability and is simple. VirEmp experts use Java to develop android applications and over 10 lac developers all over the globe use it. It possess the long term compatibility which ensures that the earlier developed apps continue performing the same way in the future.


Basically used for the embedment into HTML, PHP is a commonly used programming language at VirEmp. The reason why programmers priorities PHP is because it is normally very easy to use, learn and manipulate. It resembles pretty much to C and C++. Our professionals have expertise in PHP.


JavaScript shouldn’t be confused with Java. It was originally known as live script which basically permits the inserting of code by designers into the web pages. It runs directly on the web page and is usually placed into HTML or ASP file. Our developers use this powerful programming language to make the web pages a lot more interactive.